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Liturgical living .... what is it?

if you follow my posts, you may have noticed i often post a daily bible study notebook page on social media that looks like this.

Liturgical Living? what is it? well, it's the best way to daily read the bible in an easy to understand, goes right with the calendar, beautiful kind of way.  in fact, if you diligently study the word this way, you will have practically learned every word of God from the bible in three years. it's brilliant.

where am i finding this study? 

did you know that this is the universal bible study all over the world?


when i was protestant i was told that Catholics don't study the bible. i nearly starved to death with the same studies over & over. i couldn't find the recipe. i knew it must be out there, i dreamed of something more organized, something that could tell me what was happening in the bible in real time, & how to actually apply it to today.... but it was hidden somehow....

the recipe for the fullness of bible study

& of the Christian life can be found here:

there is a monthly liturgical calendar inside the cover of every Magnificat.

and here (every morning at 5am):

and here:

and here

and here:

check out the saint of the day.
(it's not just on valentine's day. there's more. there is a saint of the day every day!

liturgical month & year info at Catholic Culture

there are more.  i shared my favorites.

What's so cool about this daily universal bible study?

well, if you show up at a catholic church every morning, someone reads it to you! if you stick around after bible study, (the entire mass IS biblical) then the fulfillment of the bible study comes to a mountainous peak when the priest consecrates the bread like Jesus told them to in John 6:53-59! because, not only is Jesus the Word made Flesh, but He's also the Bread of Life (Eucharist) that is consecrated to become so by the priest during the mass.
it's the most amazing gift there is in the Christian life! i try to make it to daily mass as often as possible. the sacrament of Communion in the Catholic Church is what sustains me. Jesus fuels me through it & strengthens me with perseverance & consistency to take this journey to sainthood. i could not do all that i do without the gift of the sacramental life of the Catholic Church. i know, i tried. i was pentecostal, baptist, lutheran, methodist, & non denominationals of all sorts. the Catholic Church literally saved my life & brought order to quite a mess. in fact it's done so for many many different sorts of people out there. Tolkien, Vince Lombardi, G.K. Chesterton, the Saints, (especially St. Paul, Clement, Polycarp, Ignatius of Antioch.

DAILY FAMILY ROSARY & dinner as a family a MUST.

*FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH: ATTEND MASS & THEN EUCHARISTIC ADORATION Make it official here: (Sacred Heart Enthronement Family Consecration)

a book i really enjoyed that i'd like to share with you to help in creating your own family rule of life is right here:

she lists Mother Teresa's schedule in there!

another book i'd recommend is this one. We and our children  

looking for a liturgical calendar poster? (this is one of my favorites)

Remember, there is a liturgical calendar in the front cover of the Magnificat too!

another liturgical living website with FB family guides can be found here too:

Monthly Devotions

If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples, and you will know the truth, says the Lord. John 8:31

i made a pinterest board that will help you find & keep track of more liturgical living ideas here:

Blessed Be the Holy Names of Jesus, Mary, & Joseph!


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