Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spiritual Bouquet Gift Card Free Printables

Definition of spiritual bouquet. : a card notifying the recipient of a number of devotional, & or sacramental acts performed by a Roman Catholic on behalf of a person on special occasions (as name days or anniversaries) or for the soul of someone recently deceased especially as an expression of sympathy.

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cut to envelope size (color if you'd like to) fill in your gifts & address.

Pink Botanical Wreath Free Printable Spiritual Bouquets 2 per page PDF

Sacramental Gift Card
Catholic Gifts

Free Printable Cards (more are added often, so check back soon)

bringing back the oldschool tradition....
Free Printable Catholic Sacramental Gift Cards

click on photo to enlarge, then right click on the enlarged photo, select save to your computer, & then print!  voila!


Vintage Sacramental Spiritual Bouquet Gift Cards say ejaculations because it's a very oldschool term. (& i like oldschool). ejaculation simply means a short prayer. you know what i think is really neat though... i like to think of it in medical or even creation type terms. ejaculations contain seeds, they contain life. the enemy has tried to pervert, contort, & destroy the beauty of God's wonderful creation. i think that we as Catholics should bring back the word in its PURE, loving form. i think we should bring back the beauty of the word ejaculation. i think if people struggle with the word because of a "purity" issue, they might be struggling with other issues, & this might help some people actually. growth & change can be uncomfortable.... if our world was bold enough & open enough to get comfortable with perverting themselves & objectifying women, then we should be willing to become comfortable with purifying it with the same voracity. the thought of how prayer used to be referred to as an ejaculation is pretty cool & quite brilliant actually. ejaculating/planting seeds of prayer... watered in tears & grace .... reaping God's glory. i think it's quite poetic actually.
so there's the reason why....
ejaculation means short prayer,
much love, & prayer for you all,
(please say a prayer or more for me if you think of it as well.)
your sister in Christ, ~ lisa


Looking to make your own envelope?

Here's a cool tool i like to use.

Envelope Stencil for 12 x 12 scrapbook paper * click here*


frame it & give it as a gift.


  1. Replies
    1. Danielle, it makes me smile to know so many people are using these. love, lisa

    2. These are classics from when I was in grade school. Made them out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners. Then in college, we did them with our ministry groups. Just made one for two of our friends who got married last year from those in our campus ministry. They absolutely loved it.
      I just love how these are printable and you can gift them this way. They're beautiful and so classy. Seriously, thank you for sharing these.

    3. i have had so much good feedback on these lately. i hope you enjoy the new ones Danielle, & are able to check back often as i upload more. God Bless! please remember to say a Hail Mary for me if you have time!

  2. I love these so much!! Thank you for making them available to us. I can't wait to start my spiritual bouquets.


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