Sunday, July 10, 2016


my grandmother's spaghetti sauce ruined spaghetti. now... hear me out. her sauce was so good that you could never eat another spaghetti. no restaurant would ever come close to creating something that tasted that way.... she ruined it. she made the best sauce ever... there were many times we stood in her kitchen together, (me with notebook in hand.....) she'd say lisa, lisa, look. watch.... i'd watch, & take notes, & she'd say, no no, put that notebook down. taste. watch. we had much fun making that sauce. anyways, it was at a young age i realized that recipes matter. the cook matters. ingredients matter. the way it's made does matter. there was so much to it. she gave me writings to look back at, but it was also the experience of being taught by her & her traditions that taught me how to cook a tasty meal.

presentation is important, isn't it?! when your guests come, it's important to know how to properly set the table. there are many table setting rule & etiquette books out there....

ok, now, getting to the point.

a while ago, God somehow humbled Himself to become a man named Jesus. before He was delivered up to death He did this incredible thing. He instituted a traditional recipe that we are to carry out until He returns. He said many things according to this recipe. like all recipes, there are rules & specific instructions to be carried out. we are not talking about a symbolic thing, or something to be taken lightly or in an irreverent way. He said that this thing IS His body. in order for that to happen we need a recipe, right? right.

ok, one order of THE Son of THE God, coming right up....

well, there are many things i could say here, but less is more, so i'll keep it simple. this is one serious recipe. it is so serious, that it has to be carried out by an ordained disciple of Christ himself.

there is a "recipe book" & there are traditions that were taught.

these instructions were given.

these instructions have been preserved with great care & love throughout the ages.

This incredible man's name is Saint Padre Pio. you want to read about him.

the table (altar) is to be set a certain way.

this blessed recipe has helped many people achieve their best.

many of them write about it.

now that you know where to find Jesus & little about the recipe, you know where to go. now you know where He prepared a table for you. i'm letting you know that there's a seat reserved for you. you can sit next to me if you'd like. i'd like that.

so, now that you know. what will your answer be?

the most incredible family you'll EVER meet is waiting for you.

now, listen to this song & stare at that wedding table photo....

John 6:53New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

53 Jesus said to them, “Amen, amen, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you do not have life within you.

Definition of communion

  1. 1:  an act or instance of sharing;
  2. : a close relationship with someone or something;
  3. :  intimate fellowship or rapport.
  4. :  the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange    is on a mental or spiritual level.

if you're still reading this, here's a fun recipe website:

Blessed be the Holy Names of Jesus, Mary, & Joseph.

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