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Corpus Christi (Corpus Domini)

what are all of these parades going on around the world?
Corpus Christi procession. Oil on canvas by Carl Emil Doepler

Wikipedia Corpus Christi Feast

A Corpus Christi Story

Corpus Christi procession America, photo by: Fr. Ben Hasse

Foto: Procesión de Corpus Christi en Roma | 26 de mayo de 2016 | Alexey Gotovsky

photo by ane_mariano on instagram

photo by: Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word  at

Corpus Christi procession Rome, Foto Alexey Gotovskiy

Corpus Christi procession in America photo by: Fennec

Corpus Christi procession in America photo by: Lisa Pellegrini
benediction photo (America) by: Lisa Pellegrini
Corpus Christi procession in PoznańPoland photo by: Radomil
Italy photos from:
photo from:

Lay down a carpet of flowers.... Here comes the Lord!

photo info & credits at :

Corpus Christi procession in VaduzLiechtenstein

Corpus Christi (Poland) photo by: Magdalena Bryll


Corpus Christi is a Christian observance that honors the Holy Eucharist. It is also known as the Feast of the Most Holy Body of Christ, as well as the Day of Wreaths. Bread and wine are usually offered during Communion, or Eucharist, on Corpus Christi.

What is Corpus Christi?



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