Thursday, November 16, 2017


Free Printable Thanksgiving Tree Leaves

An inbetween autumn/thanksgiving family craft before Advent & Christmas Seasons.

Makes a nice conversation starter at the Thanksgiving table. Have your guests fill them out & leave them on for next year or change them & make new thankful leaves every year.



Free printable thanksgiving watercolor wreath, right click to save & then print.

Prayers for many of God's blessings, peace & gratitude for your family.

Blessed Be the Holy Names of Jesus, Mary, & Joseph!


Tuesday, November 7, 2017


if you follow my posts, you may have noticed i often post a daily bible study notebook page on social media that looks like this.

Liturgical Living? what is it? well, it's the best way to daily read the bible in an easy to understand, goes right with the calendar, beautiful kind of way.  in fact, if you diligently study the word this way, you will have practically learned every word of God from the bible in three years. it's brilliant.

where am i finding this study? 

did you know that this is the universal bible study all over the world?


when i was protestant i was told that Catholics don't study the bible. i nearly starved to death with the same studies over & over. i couldn't find the recipe. i knew it must be out there, i dreamed of something more organized, something that could tell me what was happening in the bible in real time, & how to actually apply it to today.... but it was hidden somehow....

the recipe for the fullness of bible study

& of the Christian life can be found here:

and here:

and here

and here

and here:

check out the saint of the day.
(it's not just on valentine's day. there's more. there is a saint of the day every day!

there are more.  i shared my favorites.

What's so cool about this daily universal bible study?

well, if you show up at a catholic church every morning, someone reads it to you! if you stick around after bible study, (the entire mass IS biblical) then the fulfillment of the bible study comes to a mountainous peak when the priest consecrates the bread like Jesus told them to in John 6:53-59! because, not only is Jesus the Word made Flesh, but He's also the Bread of Life (Eucharist) that is consecrated to become so by the priest during the mass.
it's the most amazing gift there is in the Christian life! i try to make it to daily mass as often as possible. the sacrament of Communion in the Catholic Church is what sustains me. Jesus fuels me through it & strengthens me with perseverance & consistency to take this journey to sainthood. i could not do all that i do without the gift of the sacramental life of the Catholic Church. i know, i tried. i was pentecostal, baptist, lutheran, methodist, & non denominationals of all sorts. the Catholic Church literally saved my life & brought order to quite a mess. in fact it's done so for many many different sorts of people out there. Tolkien, Vince Lombardi, G.K. Chesterton, the Saints, (especially St. Paul, Clement, Polycarp, Ignatius of Antioch.)

this post is getting a little long, so i'll close it in by giving you a little look at my daily morning schedule & then leave you with some more links & helps for you to look at.

My Liturgical morning life (if not pregnant or nursing a newborn)

4:30am      rise, get dressed make sign of the cross with holy water & say "come Holy Spirit" 3 times (start warming oven for breakfast) make coffee & tea.

5am           read daily readings & saint of the day, then share daily liturgy & saint of the day on social media. start to pack internet or local sales orders if needed. 

5:15           prepare breakfast

5:30           wake children (when milking cows this will change) physical exercise until readings.

5:35           make sure they all dip in holy water on the way down the hall, say "come Holy Spirit" 3 times

6:00           read readings out loud as a family & listen to Franciscan Media Saint of the Day.

6:20           eat breakfast as a family, pack lunches if needed. PRAY MORNING OFFERING

7:00           feed animals, gather eggs, clean eggs, package & sort. do a chicken head count. this will change when we get lambs & cows.

7:30           family prayer, st. Gertrude prayer, Fatima prayer, a decade of rosary or so.... Glory be.

7:40           if some have classes off the farm that day be prepared with that schedule for them, get the rest going on their scheduled home school lessons.

8:00          go to mass if possible. if not, do house chores while grading & instructing home schoolers. find out if any neighbors need lunch. grab a book from the "mom book basket" to study up on good spiritual reading. adjust chalkboards & post different bible verses around the house, make sure everyone is reading their assigned chapter book for the week. assign virtue cards for the week as well. try to squeeze a rosary in here for the souls in purgatory, & if moved after spiritual reading, make some Catholic art. check emails to see how many new soap or art orders are in. balance checkbook.

11:00         um... elevensies....

12:00         lunch & cleanup. 

1:00           classes for the day for schoolwork should be close to finished, time for farm chores, skills, & tasks. knitting, yarn spinning, gun cleaning, hunter safety, welding, oil changing, seed saving, tractor driving, weed pulling, planting or harvesting depending on season, soap making, homestead management, cooking, life issues, make artwork for the Lord, serve someone in need in the community, especially grandpa or any local farm widows, remind to pray regularly through this. make it all a prayer for the Lord. Ora Et Labora.

evening :    DAILY FAMILY ROSARY & dinner as a family a MUST.





i'd have to list a bunch of different schedules per different crop or season here on the farm, so i'll add that evenings are filled with farm chores, service cleaning, family meal, family rosary, clean up, baths, & story time.

a book i really enjoyed that i'd like to share with you to help in creating your own family rule of life is right here:

she lists Mother Teresa's schedule in there!

another book i'd recommend is this one. We and our children

i hope this post has been very kind to you in helping you to find the way to study the bible daily & start living a Christian life that serves the Lord. i hope you discover the riches of this secret saint recipe. i also hope that is glorifies the Lord greatly. if it weren't for the Lord's guidance & help. i would still be fumbling around in the dark looking for a bible study that made sense & taught me how to truly live the Christian life in all it's fullness.

if you have any questions about living liturgically, start going to daily mass! pick up a word among us or a Magnificat so you know what the readings will be every day. go click on the saint of the day at every morning. it'll change your life. Come Holy Spirit!

Blessed Be the Holy Names of Jesus, Mary, & Joseph!

your sister in Christ,

~ lisa

looking for a liturgical calendar? (this is one of my favorites)

If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples, and you will know the truth, says the Lord. John 8:31

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Happy Hallowmas/All Hallow's Eve!

Hallows' Eve is so cool, it's similar to Christmas Eve! without that incredible Christmas Eve night, Hallowmas wouldn't be happening.... because of Christ, we have a great day we can celebrate where many sinners became Holy Saints. We as a family celebrate Hallowmas similar to how we celbrate Christmas with a big feast, treats, & lots of books, cider, hot chocolate, music, & joy. I try not to focus that i lived as a pagan most of my life & unknowingly didn't even celebrate this amazing holday properly. This Tridium (Hallowmas, All Saints' Day, All Souls' Day) is jam packed with so much history & so much hope for us all to someday be a part of this great cloud of witnesses..... to become part of Christ's beautiful saint family with the very Blessed, Most Beautiful Queen of Heaven & Earth as a Mother who contains so much tender mothering compassionate love, it'll amaze even the most stubborn of hearts.

Happy Hallowmas everyone. May this tridium be filled with much contemplation, repentance, & resolution for you & yours.

~lisa pellegrini

Don't forget All Saints' Day is a holy day of obligation!

for some neat craft ideas this tridium, check out Catholic Icing.

i'll add more hallowmas links asap, if you'd like me to add your site, send me a message.

Blessed be Jesus, Mary, & Joseph.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


my artwork is free to print, share, & use. if you have any questions or are looking for a custom print that you wish to purchase from me, you can email me at

Free printable stations of the cross

Stations of the cross artwork & free printable catholic art.

i like to laminate them after painting or coloring so they're sturdy.

if you don't have a laminating machine you can just pick up some sheets like this at your local store, or here on amazon. 

you can save this to your computer to print at home.
 any questions? ~

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Are you a Godparent?


Just like a parent that just gave birth, you just gave birth to the responsibility of the spiritual growth of that child or children.

Looking for ideas on how to fulfill those SACRAMENTAL VOWS?
(you've come to the right post)


This website is a directory to help you find the resources to get educated so you can help your loved ones. We all make mistakes & get a little lost sometimes. We can get back on track & heal. God's name is Mercy.

If you are on a mobile phone or device, and you switch this site out of mobile mode & set it to full website mode, you will find website links to sources on the right hand side of the website. there are blogs, articles, & podcasts to help you. Giving the gift of instruction, on how to live liturgically is a great tool to aid in the path to holiness. Sharing the daily liturgy & the liturgical Saint of the Day is a good start. To send your Godchildren a subscription of MAGNIFIKID, click here:

Here is another good source for Liturgical Living

To send your children or godchildren the daily liturgy you can order a subscription to Word Among US located here at this link: 

are they on their own? are they a parent?
Here is another good source for Liturgical Living.
Give the gift of knowledge of how to be faithful to someone with no one to guide them.

everyone needs guidance & help. if you know someone who has no family or has no godparents any longer this MAGNIFICAT subscription is a beautiful & priceless gift.

Here is another great Liturgical Living Subscription Resource!
Living With Christ Magazine

This site is loaded with free printables to help keep scripture in the life of your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, & godchildren. if you have any questions or custom requests,
email me at:

You can study the Saint of the Day yourself & share with your godchildren & children every day the treasure of the Communion of Saints' stories. You can find that info here:

Sharing this website with your friends & family not only helps guide others to the information they need, but it can give them some tools to "GO FORTH" (this mass has ended)

This website provides
free evangelization tools & prints
to help share the Word, the Faith, & the Gospel.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Art Study Tools

grab some charcoals, chalk pastels, oil pastels, colored pencils, & pan pastels, & practice fine art shading skills here. there are many tools below to help you practice shading & make something that glorifies the Lord & is worth hanging up on a wall. you can make your art a prayer. i hope this post is a useful tool to help you on the way to reaching your artistic potential. you can right click to save the images & print & color. May God Bless you & keep you.  ~lisa

free to print & practice with art study: you finish this study.
Artist: Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
(French, Montauban 1780–1867 Paris)
Date: 1852

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