Saturday, June 11, 2016


a glimpse of my not so private sketchbook doodles, thoughts, drawings & digital folders.

you may print any part of it that you like. yes, it's free.

if you need your Totus Tuus faith formation tags, tshirts, logos, etc. personalized, just let me know. i do NOT charge for this service. i do custom artwork for the churches, catholic schools, & faith formation programs. from notebooks, to logos, to coloring pages. just let me know what you need. just email me at

adoration: best place on earth besides mass.

thanks for the inspiration, Fr Matthew P. Schneider, LC
"Our ministries should be guided by theological principles 1st & pragmatic principles later."

actually, you do. keep holy the Sabbath.

John 6:66

Blessed be the Holy Names of Jesus, Mary, & Joseph   J+M+J

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