Friday, September 23, 2016

Saints Art

all free printables.
if you can remember to say a Hail Mary prayer for me that's payment enough. if you really want to pay money, go to this site right here, & send the money you would have sent me to this fantastic project. Food For The Poor

this post will be added to & edited to as i have time to upload & create more. if you are a blog subscriber, it won't update you each edit, so you'll have to check back if you're looking for new stuff. if you're following along on facebook or instagram, you'll usually see new work as i go.

St. Pope John Paul II

St. Pope John Paul II

St. Mother Teresa 

Saint Vincent De Paul     celebrated on 9.27

Saints:  Gabriel, Raphael, Michael
(Archangels) celebrated day: September 29th

Clement: based on the statue by Bernini


  1. Do you take commissions on your artwork? You can contact me at

    1. i am open to discussing custom commission artwork. i help, design, & volunteer for websites, & i'm working on a custom hand painted piece right now so my time is limited. i'll message soon & we can discuss. thank you. ~lisa

  2. It means not letting your job, money, friends, family, pleasure seeking, social status, etc. get in the way of your serving God. It means forsaking any and all of those things mentioned above if it interferes with your relationship with God. open heaven for today


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